Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity Had A Bigger Budget Than The Mars Orbiter Mission

Everyone knows that going to space is really expensive. Millions of dollars go into research and designing rockets that make space exploration a possibility in our world. From satellite launches to crew missions, thousands of experts work toward making space travel a reality each day. So it’s pretty wild to learn that the film “Gravity” had a higher budget than India’s Mars Orbiter Mission.

In September 2014, India’s Mars Orbiter Mission (also known as Mangalyaan, which is Hindi for “Mars Craft”) went into orbit around Mars after a 10-month journey.

The launch was historic for India — it became the only country in the world to successfully put a satellite into Mars’ orbit on its first attempt. Other countries, including the United States, Russia, and the European Union, have also successfully reached the planet, but none on their first attempt.

To add to that achievement, India managed to conduct the successful mission with just $73 million — $27 million less than the budget for Cuarón’s “Gravity.” Although the mission won’t be conducting any research and is merely for demonstration purposes, it is a massive feat for India’s rising space program. And to do it successfully with a modest budget is a big win for India.

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