What Will Smith’s resignation from the Academy means for the actor

When Will Smith slapped Chris Rock at the Oscars on Sunday, after the comedian joked about Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, he sent shockwaves through the industry. Then, shortly after, Smith went back on stage to accept the Oscar for “Best Actor.” In the days since the incident, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and … Read more

Will Smith resigns from film academy over Chris Rock slap

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Will Smith resigned Friday from the motion picture academy following his Oscars night slap of Chris Rock and said he would accept any further punishment the organization imposed. Smith in a statement released Friday afternoon said he will “fully accept any and all consequences for my conduct. My actions at the … Read more

Andrew Garfield mimics Will Smith slaps at Oscars 2022: Video

Even Andrew Garfield couldn’t get over the slap heard around the world. While leaving the 2022 Oscars, the Best Actor nominee was spotted walking up to a group of friends and saying, “What the f–k are you doing?” before smacking the air and laughing. The on-camera moment, which was posted to unCrazed’s YouTube account Thursday, … Read more

Chris Rock didn’t want Will Smith removed, Oscars producer Will Packer says

CNN — Like many people who watched the encounter that ended with Will Smith slapping Chris Rock on stage Sunday at the Academy Awards ceremony, Oscars lead producer Will Packer thought it was a planned bit. But as Smith – angered by a joke Rock told about Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith – yelled obscenities … Read more

Chris Rock Has Been Mocking Jada Pinkett Smith Since the ’90s

The tension leading up to the Oscars slap has actually been lingering for over a decade. As folks on social media have been sleuthing around Chris Rock’s history with Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, an old clip of the comedian flaming Pinkett Smith has resurfaced. It’s not just the Oscars quips in 2016 and … Read more

Lady Gaga and Liza Minnelli had a touching moment at the Oscars

Welp, despite dwindling ratings over the past several years, the 2022 Academy Awards turned out to be a highly talked-about event. Unfortunately, the public’s attention has been sucked into feverish furor over the Chris Rock-Will Smith fiasco, which has overshadowed some truly lovely moments. One of those moments came near the end of the show, … Read more

Chris Rock Breaks Silence After Will Smith Oscars Slap, He’s ‘Still Kind of Processing What Happened’

Chris Rock has broken his silence over the Oscars slap heard ’round the world. The comedian, who has remained mum since being slapped and cursed out by Will Smith over a joke at the Academy Awards on Sunday night, addressed the incident at a comedy show in Boston on Wednesday. “How was your weekend?” he … Read more

Jimmy Kimmel Weighs In on Will Smith Allegedly Refusing to Leave Oscars After Slapping Chris Rock

Over the past few nights, Jimmy Kimmel—a former Oscars host—has repeatedly weighed in on the slap seen ’round the world during his late-night monologues. First, he upbraided Will Smith for initially laughing at Chris Rock’s joke about his wife Jada Pinkett Smith’s shaved head (she suffers from alopecia) before storming the stage and giving the … Read more

Wanda Sykes Wants an Apology From Will Smith Over Oscars Slap

Oscars co-host Wanda Sykes isn’t concealing her thoughts about that stunning slap, which threatened to derail the 94th Academy Awards’ third act. “I physically felt ill and I’m still traumatized by it,” she told Ellen DeGeneres in a clip from an Ellen DeGeneres Show appearance. In fact, Sykes said she’s awaiting an apology from Will … Read more