SNL’s Pete Davidson praises “Short-Ass Movies” with Simon Rex and Gunna

Photo: SNL The pandemic has caused many of us to specialize our streaming viewing habits—despite the seemingly endless hours of alone time that have become available, some of us have found our abilities to sit still and focus have evaporated. Pete Davidson captured this phenomenon in one of this week’s Saturday Night Live digital shorts. … Read more

Everything Everywhere All at Once LGBTQ Personal Essay

Jobu Tupaki, a queer icon.Picture: Allyson Riggs/Courtesy of A24 “Wait,” Everything Everywhere All at Once‘s Jobu Tupaki (an interdimensional being of unrivaled cosmic power and chaos, covered in blood and glitter, having just killed three men) says to her mother. “In this universe, you’re still hung up on the fact that I like girls?” This … Read more