The Crow Reboot Casts Bill Skarsgård Pennywise the Clown

Picture: Michael Kovac/Getty (Getty Images) If there’s anything you can count on, it’s that Hollywood is never too far away from making yet another crow reboot announcement. This time around, Bill Skarsgard (It‘s Pennywise the Dancing Cdown) is attached to don Eric Draven’s harlequin makeup, marking the end of Jason Momoa’s tenure of trying to … Read more

Disney Disapproved of Gay Kiss in Scrapped Nimona Movie

The cover of Nimona.Picture: HarperTeen According to Insidertrain staffers at the disney-acquired—and then shuttered—studio Blue Sky were pressured into censoring a same-sex kiss in their anime adaptation of Nimona. The staffers took kiss out of future presentations with disney executives, although they state that they hoped to include it in the final film. According to … Read more