The late-night Jimmys swapped shows for April Fools

jimmyPhoto: John Shearer/WireImage (Getty Images) Ah, the magic of April Fools: That whimsical day when two very rich white guys named Jimmy can swap their nationally broadcast TV shows, producing minimally different episodes than they might otherwise have produced! That’s right: Late night talk’s two most extant Jimmys pulled a little switcheroo last night, with … Read more

Stand-Up Comic Tries Material In Movie Theater After Projector Breaks: VIDEO

People who struggle with second-hand embarrassment over socially awkward situations are going to absolutely love this article and the video clips within. There is no standardly accepted sarcasm font or formatting for online publications, so I’m obligated to tell you that was sarcasm and you are, in fact, probably going to hate this. Pretty much … Read more