Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind Disney World May

screenshot: Disney Parks/YouTube To save the galaxy, Rocket Raccoon and Groot are inviting a bunch of tourists to help the Guardians on Walt Disney World’s newest coaster adventure. And we now know it’s happening soon: Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind is set to open at EPCOT May 27 as part of the disneyworld50th Anniversary. … Read more

Morbius Opens $84 Million Box Office, Sinister Six Plans

screenshot: Sony Pictures Tea Morbius the Living Vampire franchise may live to vampire another day. Despite a plethora of bad reviews, the newest installment in Sony’s Spider-Man-Less Cinematic Universe earned $84 million worldwide over its opening weekend. It is by no means greatbut is also probably just good enough for Sony to continue apace with … Read more

Morbius Post Credit Scenes Explained: Vulture, Spider-Man

Dr. Michael Morbius won’t need too much equipment to figure these out.Picture: Sony Pictures I cannot stop thinking about the end credits scenes of Morbius. They might be the apex of what end credits scenes can be. From here? It’s all downhill. These scenes are magical. The scenes are terrible and, frankly, we love them … Read more

Couple files restraining order against Flash star Ezra Miller

Ezra MillerPhoto: Angela Weiss (AFP via Getty Images) What is going on with Ezra Miller? As the world prepared for a deluge of takes from The Slappening on Sunday night, Miller was quietly arrested in Hawaii for allegedly grabbing the mic and lunging at patrons at a karaoke bar. AT new report reveals that Miller’s … Read more

Spider-Man Spinoff Fails Despite Matt Smith

Jared Leto as Dr. Michael Morbius in Morbus.Picture: Sony Pictures Morbius, tea long-delayed next film in Sony’s Spider-Man universe, is like a roller coaster without a pulse. There are highs, there are lows, there’s plenty of disorientation, and by the end, you aren’t upset with the ride, but largely underwhelmed because you have the sense … Read more

A Review of Jared Leto’s Morbius

Jared Leto as Dr. Michael Morbius in Daniel Espinoza’s MorbiusPhoto: Sony Pictures No one wants to watch a lousy movie, but an unmitigated disaster can often be more interesting than something that’s just mediocre. Morbius falls into the latter category, a run-of-the-mill origin story that’s capably acted and professionally mounted, but mostly lifeless up on … Read more

The Star Wars Oscars 2022 Connection

Oscar-winner Troy Kotsur was the first deaf actor ever in Star Wars.Photo: Lucasfilm/David Livingston (Getty Images) In terms of sci-fi, Dune’s six Oscar wins last night was by far the biggest success. Behind that however was Codathe first-ever Sundance film and streaming film to win Best Picture. Following a young woman named Ruby (Locke and … Read more

Director Matt Reeves Gives Joker Backstory

Picture: Warner Bros. Since The Dark Knight debuted Heath Ledger’s Joker, the Clown Prince’s scars have been played up to a greater degree in later interpretations. As played by Barry Keoghan, the Joker of The Batman’s has scars that are far more than just his chilling smile. Fans got a look at that earlier in … Read more

Morbius’ Director Opens Up on the Film’s Post-Credits Scene

Picture: Sony Pictures/Marvel It’s been a long time, delay-heavy road for Morbius, which releases next week. Sony’s been trying their best to build Jared Leto’s tragic-ish vampire as another big part of their Spider-Man adjacent cinematic universe that so far has only led to Venom and whatever the heck that Kraven the Hunter movie is … Read more

David Dastmalchian Not Returning for Ant-Man 3

About the first and last time we’re going to see Evangeline Lily happily wearing a mask these days.Picture: marvel studios mandy‘s Panos Cosmatos is working on a new fantasy nightmare with A24. JK Simmons talks about being a dad for Batgirl. Jensen Ackles teases the infamous comic book moment coming to The Boys‘ third season. … Read more