Jason Alexander honors his Seinfeld co-star Estelle Harris

Estelle Harris and Jason Alexander in 2003Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images (Getty Images) In a series of tweets, actor Jason Alexander remembered his Seinfeld costar Estelle Harris following her death on April 2. On the hit NBC series, Harris portrayed Estelle Costanza—the overbearing mother to Alexander’s George Costanza—in 27 episodes throughout the show’s run. She guest-starred … Read more

The late-night Jimmys swapped shows for April Fools

jimmyPhoto: John Shearer/WireImage (Getty Images) Ah, the magic of April Fools: That whimsical day when two very rich white guys named Jimmy can swap their nationally broadcast TV shows, producing minimally different episodes than they might otherwise have produced! That’s right: Late night talk’s two most extant Jimmys pulled a little switcheroo last night, with … Read more

Denzel talks about consoling Will Smith at Oscars

Denzel WashingtonPhoto: Kevin Winter (Getty Images) Amidst the chaos that ensued at the Oscars on Sunday night—after-you-know-who abruptly took the stage to you-know-what you-know-whom straight in the face—one of the most calming presences in the Dolby Theater appears to have been Denzel Washington. The veteran actor was one of a few A-listers who joined ostensible … Read more

Jim Carrey has some concerns over the new, scary Riddler

Left: Jim Carrey (Photo: Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images), Right: Paul Dano as Spooky Riddler (Image: Warner Bros.) Jim Carrey has been doing press for Sonic The Hedgehog 2 lately, the movie that he recently claimed will likely be his last. But people don’t really want to hear about what it was like to play the Sonic … Read more

Chris Pine comes from a long line of B-movie scream queens

Chris Pine and his mom, Gwynne GilfordPicture: Youtube Chris Pine—America’s best Chris who far surpasses rivals Evans, Pratt, and, of course, hemsworth—was one of Jimmy Kimmel’s guests last night, and it was pretty damn delightful. Not that we are surprised in any way (see previous award regarding our Chris rankings), but the chat itself revealed … Read more

Check out some of the excerpts from Deshaun Watson’s deposition

Deshaun WatsonPhoto: Getty Images Earlier this week, TMZ posted a story with video footage from FOX 8 in Cleveland that featured excerpts from two of Deshaun Watson’s depositions in multiple civil lawsuits filed against him for sexual assault and inappropriate conduct by more than 20 women No matter how you feel about the Browns’ new … Read more

Seann William Scott was paid around $8,000 for American Pie

Sean William Scottthe actor whose role as Steve Stifler in American Pie has made him the eternal, grinning avatar of a certain flavor of early ’00s brodom, was once just another struggling young actor trying to find the right teen sex comedy to launch him into stardom. And, like all former young actors, he has … Read more

Dual Sci-Fi Trailer Karen Gillan Fights Herself With Aaron Paul

Karen Gillan Dual.Picture: RLJE Films Death isn’t the end in the world of Dual. At least, not for the loved ones of the deceased. In the world of Duala person who knows their time is coming can commission a clone of themselves—someone to continue their life beyond death. But, on occasion, if the original doesn’t … Read more

The Star Wars Oscars 2022 Connection

Oscar-winner Troy Kotsur was the first deaf actor ever in Star Wars.Photo: Lucasfilm/David Livingston (Getty Images) In terms of sci-fi, Dune’s six Oscar wins last night was by far the biggest success. Behind that however was Codathe first-ever Sundance film and streaming film to win Best Picture. Following a young woman named Ruby (Locke and … Read more

Director Matt Reeves Gives Joker Backstory

Picture: Warner Bros. Since The Dark Knight debuted Heath Ledger’s Joker, the Clown Prince’s scars have been played up to a greater degree in later interpretations. As played by Barry Keoghan, the Joker of The Batman’s has scars that are far more than just his chilling smile. Fans got a look at that earlier in … Read more