SNL’s Pete Davidson praises “Short-Ass Movies” with Simon Rex and Gunna

Photo: SNL The pandemic has caused many of us to specialize our streaming viewing habits—despite the seemingly endless hours of alone time that have become available, some of us have found our abilities to sit still and focus have evaporated. Pete Davidson captured this phenomenon in one of this week’s Saturday Night Live digital shorts. … Read more

Fan-Favorite Marvel Movie Rising Through Netflix Ranks

The start of the month saw Netflix add quite a few movies to its roster, bringing on several fan-favorite titles to reinvigorate its options. Just one look at the Top 10 Movies list on the service just how much subscribers are enjoying the new additions. Most titles on Sunday’s edition of the list arrived on … Read more

One of the Worst Marvel Movies is Trending on Netflix

It’s a new month an with that comes all-new movies and shows for most of the different streaming services, like Netflix. The home of Stranger Things and recent feature film The Bubble is always full of surprises, especially when looking at the Top 10 lists that show what fans are watching around the country and … Read more

Lily Collins ‘grilled’ Olivia Colman about starring in The Crown

‘I’m available!’ Lily Collins admits she ‘grilled’ Olivia Colman about starring in The Crown – 30 years after she hilariously snubbed Princess Diana By Brenda Dennehy For Mailonline Published: 21:10 EDT, 2 April 2022 | Updated: 03:34 EDT, 3 April 2022 She famously snubbed Princess Diana at an official event more than thirty years earlier. … Read more

Will Smith’s upcoming film Fast And Loose on hold at Netflix as fallout continues from Oscars slap

Will Smith’s upcoming film Fast And Loose won’t be going into production anytime soon after Netflix put it on the back burner. The streaming giant has moved the 53-year-old actor’s project to the back burner in the wake of the controversy from his shocking Oscars slap, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The film had already … Read more

Mo’Nique and Lee Daniels settle 13-year feud as actress signs on for Netflix film Demon House

Comedian and actress Mo’Nique and director Lee Daniels have buried the hatchet after a 13-year feud. The 54-year-old entertainer and the 62-year-old filmmaker patched things up and both took to Instagram to make it official after the filmmaker said he was ‘so sorry’ for hurting the comedian and actress. Additionally, Mo’Nique has signed on to … Read more

Netflix’s ‘The Rise And Fall Of Abercrombie & Fitch’ Trailer

If you were in a mall in the early-to-mid 2000s, there was a very good chance you came upon a store with the overwhelming scent of musk and over-the-top synth beats, featuring unrealistic mannequins and models who looked like they would bully you in the lunchroom. That would be Abercrombie and Fitch! The clothing brand … Read more

Tiger King star Joe Exotic wants to marry man he met in prison… after filing for divorce

Tiger King’s Joe Exotic has revealed why he filed for divorce from Dillon Passage days ago, citing a new love interest whom he hopes to marry. Joe’s lawyer Autumn Blackledge told TMZ that the Netflix personality has been seeing a man named John Graham as he serves a 22-year sentence for plotting to kill his … Read more

What Killed Marilyn Monroe, Asks a New Netflix Documentary

As Netflix gears up to release the NC-17 biopic Blonde hair starring Ana De Armas as Marilyn Monroe, the streamer is diving into the mogul’s story in another project. Later this month, the streamer is set to unveil The Mystery of Marilyn Monroe: The Unheard Tapesa documentary that’ll piece together the star’s final days before … Read more

Halo Streaming First Episode of Show Free on YouTube

Master Chief carries the new Halo show.Picture: Paramount+ Imagine being a fan of Halowaiting what feels like decades to see the game brought to live-action, only for it to happen, it be released, and you can’t watch it. That surely happened to some of the faithful this week whin Halo debuted on Paramount+if they weren’t … Read more