Starbucks’ New York City Reserve Roastery becomes the 9th cafe to unionize

Employees serve customers at a newly opened Starbucks’ Reserve Roasteries in the Meatpacking District on December 14, 2018 in New York City. Spencer Platt | Getty Images Starbucks baristas at its New York City Reserve Roastery voted 46-36 in favor of forming a union on Friday, dealing a blow to incoming interim CEO Howard Schultz … Read more

Dairy Queen launches Stackburger line as chain sees record sales in 2021

Dairy Queen’s Flamethrower Stackburger and small ice cream cone Source: Dairy Queen Dairy Queen is expanding its burger offerings as the fast-food chain looks beyond Blizzards and other desserts. The new Stackburger line is Dairy Queen’s biggest menu expansion in two decades, with five burger flavors for US customers: Flamethrower, Loaded A1, Bacon Two Cheese … Read more

Big food automation is making its way to Main Street’s menu

The Tally 3.0 autonomous mobile robot scans inventory in a grocery store. Simbe Robotics Automation and robotics are typically associated with multi-million budgets at multi-billion dollar companies. But as the cost of technology has come down, it’s become more affordable to smaller companies — even small businesses. Outside of Atlanta in Jonesboro, Georgia, THAT Burger … Read more

Wendy’s breakfast menu could overtake Burger King, 2 years after launch

The Breakfast Baconator and Seasoned Potatoes are part of the breakfast menu at Wendy’s restaurants on March 2, 2020 in New York City. David Dee Delgado | Getty Images Two years ago, Wendy’s launched its breakfast menu nationwide, finally crossing the finish line for a goal it tried and failed at for nearly four decades. … Read more

Burger King says operator of Russian restaurants has ‘refused’ to close businesses

The president of the company that owns Burger King on Thursday said a Russian franchise owner is refusing to close stores in Russia despite pressure to shut down operations. David Shear, the president of Restaurant Brands International, wrote in a press release that the owner of the Russian Burger Kings has rebuffed calls to close, … Read more

Burger King moves to divest from Russian joint venture

A man holds meals from the Burger King restaurant on May, 15, 2020 in Dedovsk, Russia. Mikhail Svetlov | Getty Images Burger King is moving to divest its 15% stake in its Russian business, but the burger chain said it can’t legally suspend operations in the market right away. The Restaurant Brands International chain announced … Read more