Morbius Opens $84 Million Box Office, Sinister Six Plans

screenshot: Sony Pictures Tea Morbius the Living Vampire franchise may live to vampire another day. Despite a plethora of bad reviews, the newest installment in Sony’s Spider-Man-Less Cinematic Universe earned $84 million worldwide over its opening weekend. It is by no means greatbut is also probably just good enough for Sony to continue apace with … Read more

Morbius Post Credit Scenes Explained: Vulture, Spider-Man

Dr. Michael Morbius won’t need too much equipment to figure these out.Picture: Sony Pictures I cannot stop thinking about the end credits scenes of Morbius. They might be the apex of what end credits scenes can be. From here? It’s all downhill. These scenes are magical. The scenes are terrible and, frankly, we love them … Read more

Superhero Movies Can’t Win Oscars Until They Try Harder

Picture: Sony Pictures/Marvel Studios Tea 2022 Oscars are this weekend, and it’s shaping up to be one of the messiest versions of the annual film awards show for a variety of reasons. Before its controversial category omissions and foolish decision to bring back the “most popular film” category (but this time stupidly dictated by Twitter), … Read more

Amazing Spider-Man 3 Trailer Troll From Sony: Amazing Peter 3

“I’m Spider-Man!”screenshot: Sony Pictures The fallout from Spider-Man: No Way Home is everywhere. At the box office, where it was easily the biggest hit of the past several years. In theaters, with movies like Morbius standing on his shoulders. And almost certainly in the future Marvel Cinematic Universe too, especially with that multiverse fully part … Read more

Game of Thrones Meets Monty Python

Expect dungeons. Perhaps dragons. I mean, at the very least those should be there, you’d think.Picture: Wizards of the Coast Tea Interview With a Vampire TV series has found its interviewer. Kevin Feige says Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is as much a Sam Raimi movie as it is a Marvel one. Plus, … Read more