The late-night Jimmys swapped shows for April Fools


Photo: John Shearer/WireImage (Getty Images)

Ah, the magic of April Fools: That whimsical day when two very rich white guys named Jimmy can swap their nationally broadcast TV shows, producing minimally different episodes than they might otherwise have produced!

That’s right: Late night talk’s two most extant Jimmys pulled a little switcheroo last night, with NBC’s Jimmy Fallon flying to California to fill in as host on Jimmy Kimmel Live!while Jimmy Kimmel headed to New York to surreptitiously sixteen tea Tonight Show, like some fate of transcontinental Jay Leno.

And while we have no evidence that this whole thing—apparently in the works for two years meticulous plotting from the greatest minds in “booking a plane ticket and not telling Questlove” science—was a Machiavellian plot by Kimmel to remind the world he’s about a hundred times the joke teller that Jimmy Fallon is, that certainly was the end result. God knows how Tonight Show audiences must have reacted to a couple of actual pointed political jokes flying across their stage, even as Fallon gently tousled the hair of the ABC audience with some extremely tepid jabs about the network’s programming, before defaulting back to an actual, non-ironic “Damn Daniel” joke.

Then the two men called each other for some energetic and comedically charged banter. “This is magical,” Fallon asserted, dead-eyed, to his audience. “This is a lot of fun,” Kimmel blankly replied.

Honestly, the most amusing thing about this whole scenario is imagining what would have happened if someone had tried to pitch it 20 years ago. Can you conceived the veins that would have popped out on Leno and Dave Letterman’s foreheads if you suggest either man cede his stage to the other?

Anyway: The night concluded with simultaneous performances by Red Hot Chili Peppers on both shows?! (They pre-tapped the Kimmel one and played live in New York.) Will these giggle-inducing wonders never cease?


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